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    Proz U tell me.4 different temp readings WTF??

    WTF is going on,LOL. Ok here we go. Getting 4 different temp readings from 4 different progs. CPU @ 100% w/ SETI running.SIS Sandra= 15.7 C, MBM 5= 36. C, SIS Sys Monitor came with Mobo= 44.6 C, quick reboot to BIOS= 40.0 C. U tell me which one is right? HEHE. Of course BIOS does not do me any good in Windoz. So U choose from the other 3. Letz pull strawz :-o
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    Chances are they are all in-accurate But I saw a nifty product at the local speed shop (cars not computers). They have this little "gun-like" IR thermistor. You just point this little lazer at what-ever you want to know the temp of, and it reads out on the little LCD. Damn I want one, but I'm broke right now
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    Many stores now sell these digital readout personal thermometers. I got one on sale for $5.99. They have a sensor area the size of a match head. The only drawback is that they are calibrated for a small range of temp. Mine only goes from 33-43C.

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