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    What are the common Pelt Dangers?

    When cooling with a pelt, what are the most common dangers? If the pelt burns out, will the chip fry or will the H20 keep it alive? How often do pelts fail? Is it safe to run them 24/7? I know about the condensation and insulating but I am more concerned about lifespan, anyone know how long they run for before dying? Thanks!

    And one more, what is a good dedicated Pelt PSU for say a 226W?
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    I never heart somboy that he was telling his pelt was burnt out..

    Can thay burn in?

    Sorry sorry for my bad english

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    pelts are solid state devices,
    there are no moving parts.
    unless you do diabolical things to it, they should live forever.
    although if your watercooler fails, the hot side will get too hot, and they will blow up, taking half of your computer with them.
    just make sure your watercooling is dependable, and you'll be al right.
    oh, and dont forget to insulate!

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    I believe the most common TEC failure is operator error...failure to plugin the power supply for the TEC. Once there is no electricity supplied to it, it becomes a good insulator, so your waterblock cannot cool the cpu at all.
    The second would be improper cooling of the hotside, a waterpump failure could easily be fatal, more so than with plain cpu watercooling. In this case though, the pump fails, TEC dies, cpu fries (not to mention your tubing melts, and water leaks everywhere).

    If memory serves, they can run well over 10,000 hours. How long is your cpu slated to run?

    No mistaking, they are a challenge and a risk, but can be done without too much hassle. Just check and double check before powering up.

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    Originally posted by Diggrr
    I believe the most common TEC failure is operator error...?
    Amen! Whether it's setup or screw up. Setup mistakes kill more pelt rigs than anything else, condensation takes the number one spot. I think the number one screw up is leaving the pelt PSU on without the cooling. Put it on a relay!!! For actual mechanical failure, dead pumps take first place.

    Danger Den and Swiftech have good PSUs suited for a 226 watt pelt or you can check the links below. Don't forget Ebay too.

    Dedicated Power Supplies

    TE Tech

    Peak to Power



    And my personal favorite, the mighty Astron VLS 35M
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    yeah most probably user error.. anyways, it's fairly common that the wire's come off where they go to the pelt(melt from heat&current or something).

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    Um, dangers? yeah if you misuse them they can create havoc. Just condensation.

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