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    Quick question about my water

    Yeah I still haven't gotten around to the install....between the case mods and the busy summer its been tough to find time....what little time I find myself with seems to be too hazy with potsmoke to work on technical things

    But ANYWAYS, I am finally going to get it all in this week. One stupid question has been plauging me; and that's how to connect the hoses reliably to the Eheim 1250 pump. It's got one fitting that is just a bit too big and one that is a bit too small for my tubing. I dont know if I'm comfortable haveing a tube too big for the outlet on such a strong pump, hose clamp or not. Alright so someone de-idiot-fy me and clue me in to my obvious neglect of the simple solution.


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    You can use reducers or swap the connectors with correct barbs from a hardware store. To prevent the barbs from leaking, just add some rubber o-rings.

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    yeah, what he said :P

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