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    Getting AX-7, fan help

    Hey guys my current heatsink Volcano7 is running around 57 load, which is too hot for me. This computer is in the climate of usually 75 or above for outside temps. My system specs are below. My questions is for the AX-7 which is better a 80mm fan or go with the 120mm. I'm not worried about price right now, also i guess u need an adapter for the 120 fan any sites that have those?? Whats the lowest cfm i should go with. I was thinking of getting something in the high 40's.

    Thanks guys

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    I'm using a Delta 68 CFM 80x80x38 these work great with the AX7 but the noise is terrible. I've had this with an Athlon 1.4 and
    had temps in the high 30's at load. Iwould go for a Panaflo or
    Mechatronics they are much more quiet and perform as well.
    IMO the 80 MM will be fine no need for a 120 and get at least a
    fan with 50 CFM. Here is a good site for affordable fans:
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    Just to give you an idea. I also had a V7 and also got 57 full load.
    My case cooling is terrible right now. The moment I installed AX-7 with a Delta 68 CFM running at 6v (2500rpm) temps dropped 7ēC, and is quieter than with V7.
    I really think Delta is a good choice. I managed to put my XP 1700+ at 1760 vcore 1.9, and temps didn´t go over 51. Of course case open, a 120 fan blowing and delta screaming.

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    How much noise can you stand? I don't feel safe putting a 120mm on there. The fan is heavy enough and the heatsink is mounted on lugs so moving the thing around can cause abit of a problem. For a 80mm fan, if you like a quiet pc a Sunon 50 would be a good fan, if you can stand noise a Vantec 84 is good.
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