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    Artic Silver 2...

    Just ordered some arctic silver 2...and wanted to find the best way to apply this stuff. Any Suggestions? Is this stuff conductive? I expect it isn't, since it would short out my bridges on my processor. Also, should I scrape off the stuff my HSF manufacturer put on the bottom of it?

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    Check out They have excellent instructions. And yes, do remove the stuff that comes on the hsf.
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    Clean the old goop off your HS and then lap it for the best results. If you want to be real slick, when you are done lapping, get a fresh sheet of 2000 grit and use a dab of Artic Silver for lubricant and lap it a bit more. Then rinse, dry and install with Artic Silver on your CPU. Read the articles in the technical section at Artic Silver's Web Site to figure out why this works.
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