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    ALERT -- Read this if you have a TMD Fan!

    Magnetic Spin-Out...Recall Pending?

    Posted By: Se7en @ 9:46 PM (MST)

    When ipKonfig reviewed the revolutionary tip magnet fan, the Y.S. Tech TMD, we were concerned because it spun up to about 20% higher RPM than rated. We were also curious and a bit frustrated that the 60 and 80mm models were still unavailable, despite repeated assurances that release was imminent.

    But now seems that an industry-wide recall from resellers is occurring because the fan can spin up uncontrollably, and draw enough power to burn up its lead wires. Some suppliers worldwide have returned some or all of the product.

    We have seen just one unexplained failure on a friend's system. Symptoms may range from motherboard shutdown when the RPM exceed preset cutoff values, to loss of processor if the leads burn and interrupt power to the fan. At this time, no public press release has been forthcoming from Y.S. Tech.
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    i was thinking about getting one, but not now... although it would be kinda cool to watch one do 15000 rpm

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    I am currently using one....where can more info be found about this problem?

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    if you have this fan, throw it in the junk and get another fan for your heatsink.

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    ewww, thats not good. could you put a really sensitive fuse on the thing to protect your system?

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