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    why all of a suddent mobo temp is higher than cpu temp???

    hi.. im using a p4s533.. mobo p41.8a ocd to 2.4g on stock voltage...temp are cpu 37c/98f while mobo temp is 40c/104f while idle... on full load cpu gets to 45c... mobo stays the same.. is this normal?? i never saw this happen to me before im using asus probe and speedfan to check the readings... i have 2 rear exhaust fans and 2 front intake fans( a bit restricted cause of the mobo design ) but its ok cause directly blowing to 7200 rpm hd..

    are my readings ok?? never experienced lower mobo temp than cpu temp.. both temps are fine but is there something i should do? like a side panel blowhole? or chipset cooling??

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    What are your mobo temps with the side cover off?what are your room temps?If your temps drop significantly with the side off,then you need better venting.Ideally,mobo temps should be the same or better with the cover on.It seems very unlikely that your mobo temps are accurate.Is the probe near the video card?It may be picking up heat from that.Can you squezze the probe between your fingers?tThe temps should read about 36C(unless your very sick)Try reading the temps in the BIOS.

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    are you reading these from the bios ?

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    How are you obtaining these temps? Are you using 3rd party software like MBM5 or (as steveyboy suggested) using the bios? Check the bios temps to make sure they coincide if your using a 3d party program.

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    i had this happen on an asus board before maybe adding a fan to your north bridge would fix it all up :]
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    i check bios and asus probe... same readings... cpu temp 2 deg lower than mobo temp...thats on idle.. but on full load.. only cpu temp rises... i check it every now and then.. i wonder how asus probe speedfan etc.... monitor temps.. where are the probes?

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    weird thing.. checkd another pc of ours... p4 1.6 willamete on an ecs board.. cpu temp also lower than mobo temp....stock hsf just used the stock thermal pad... really weird..

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    where do i get northbrdge fans? old amd k6-500 cpu fan will do? but how do iinstall it? northbrde has heat sink already .. would a side blowhole be enough?

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    by the way.. 38-40deg C mobo temp is fine right?? if yes.. i should worry right?

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    I have the same thing, CPU = 28C and Mobo = 30C.

    Used to be the other way around but I switched a fan that was exhaust to blow on the CPU (cause it looks like the CPU fan is blowing in too).

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    Weird thing. I thought that was high, but I'm just checking mine and my MB temp is 37c, but my cpu is 44. IDK what my temps at idle are, but my CPU is usually running 100% load 24/7. It is possible that those temps are correct. You can try what punk geek suggested and add a fan to the northbridge.

    BTW, my case temps are 24c, so 37 to 40ish could be correct even with decent air flow.

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    I have this problem too. at idle mobo is 2 degree higher than cpu. so I use 2 coolers at the side of my case to push temps by 5 degress down

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    If your motherboard temp diode is located near a heat source eg vid card, then it might be picking up the temp from your card. This can definitely throw the mobo temps off and make it higher than what it should read, therefore making it higher that the cpu at idle.

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