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    Thumbs down Asus A7V333 onboard sound suck??

    well..just installed this board and at first i thought it's the setting that set to 5.1 that's causing the trouble.... I have two speakers and a sub... Anywayz, I was playing warcraft3 earlier and with my old system's Aureal Vortex2 it sounded much better and real.... Is the onboard sound on this mb really that no goood?

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    While the A7V333's onboard sound is better than most others. But onboard sound was never designed to be the greatest. It's not too bad if you can hook it up to a sound system that can allow you to alter the Bass/Treble frequencies. I ended up disabling the onboard and installing an Audigy in my setup.


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    I agree with Maximouse, the onboard sound is a lot better than the older ac97 but certainly no SB Live or Audigy. I too have an Audify installed in mine.

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    I'm using the onboard sound. I'm not an audiophile but the sound quality is fine with me. Is there really a great difference w/ a separate sound card?
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    Maxima its all depends on your ears. I am quite the audiophile (i hope) and can definitely hear the differences say between SACD and cd or even better vinyl and CD, btw vinyl still rules.

    When playing games i hear a lot more detail with the Audigy or Live.

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    The C-Media onboard sound on the 266-e/333 is HELLA better than the AC97 sound on the 133. It's not the greatest, but it certainly doesn't totally suck.
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    As far as I'm concerned, what matters is 8 bit vs 16 sound, and the the C-Media onboard sound on the A7V333 only supports 8-bit sound for MS-DOS games. Admittedly, I've got some fairly unusual requirements for a sound card: it needs to work under both Windows 98 and Linux, it needs to provide SoundBlaster 16 emulation under MS-DOS, and it shouldn't cost significantly more than my speakers (a 15 year old tape deck I got for free and a set of $20 headphones).
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    I like the sound my mb produces.
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    i like mine too, and it produces less "pop" sound then my dying Gamer...

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