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    IS the Swiftech MCX370-0A a decent sink

    I have a XP 1600 and which I plan to overclock , I have found this sink w fan for $39 Canadian which is about $27 US is it a good deal.

    Will it be enough to cool the chip once I unlock and o/c. Any recommendations on a fan to add to it, it comes with one buut there is no descrition of what it is.

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    Well since your Swiffy utilizes a 60mm fan, you'll be hard pressed to find any fan that'll push 50CFM+ except for the only fan I know of (Delta50). I would recommend the infamous Delta38 since no other fan comes to mind at the moment. If possible, try rigging the heatsink to use a 80mm fan. I'm not entirely sure if it can be done on the Swiftech but it's worth to check out.

    You could also duct. Seems to work very well.

    I noticed you're in the Vancouver area. Is the Swiffy you're looking at from NTCW ( I think it comes with either a black label Delta or a Papst. I forget which.
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    Definatly go with the Delta fan, if you try putting an 80mm you might get too big of a "dead"spot, you could however as stated above use a duct. Swiftys are great HSF's i love mine wouldnt trade it for the world.
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    I used to have that heatsink before I sold it. I would say it is an overall ok heatsink, but nowhere on the level of an Ax-7 or even a volcano7+ maybe.

    As for some temps, in a chieftec case with only two fans, I had temps around 38c with acase temp of 26c.

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