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    New System Is Done!!

    YES! I got it all together finally! Here she is:

    MSI K7D Master-L
    2 x XP1600+ (modded to MP)
    512mb PC2100
    ATI Radeon 8500LE 128mb
    Sound Blaster Audigy
    500W PS
    Thermaltake Xaser 5000A Plus Case
    5 Case fans
    2 x Maze 3 copper top blocks
    384GPH pump
    6"x9" heater core
    1/2" ID tubing
    40gb, 20gb, floppy, 40x12x48, 56x

    This thing SCREAMS! I haven't even tested a game yet, but oh my god is it fast! I love it so much, SMP rules!!! Thanks for all the help over the last week(s), when I was without a system - getting ready for this bad boy!

    As for my temps (I know you want to know) according to two probes with LCD screens:

    CPU1: 35.9C
    CPU2: 39.7C as I type this (haven't done load yet,,,not exactly sure how)
    Ambient is about 23C, water - not sure

    My story: Probes read above, so I load up MBM5, and they say my CPUS are 57 and 49!?! What's up with that? I also used a program that came with my mobo, and it said my CPU was 25, until I loaded MBM5, then the mobo prog said the cpu was 57 and 49....very strange. I don't trust software anymore

    This machine is incredible....videos, audio...oh.oh...I know its not the best, but I love it. I know I'm blabbing, but I just love this machine!! Everything went smoothly, worked well (L5, WC) and I'm sooooo happy!

    Thanks everyone again, and please comment on the temps, how are they? Software issue?


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    Wow, thats a sweet system! Are you running the blocks in a series or parallel? Those Thermaltake Xase cases are awesome. We need some pics!!

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    Series. I thought parallel would lose too much flow.....

    Yea, the case is AWESOME. It set be back a bit ($209 + tax Canadian) but I love it, and won't upgrade....ever! (always say that....)

    Pics will come soon, tomorrow probably. I run the WC outside the system, punched two holes in the case to run hoses in and out.

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    To get a temp at Load run either S.E.T.I., F@H, Sandra burn-in or 3Dmark in loops.
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