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Thread: what to buy?

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    what to buy?

    I'm an AMD guy, but I'm building a comp for a guy and he wants intel....He doesn't need anything great...just someting to run a PIV, and he said he wants 1.5GHZ....what do you think i should get

    AMD64 3000+
    1GB RAM
    200GB HDD
    AMD 1.33 TBird
    Dragon Plus
    Apple AluPowerBook G4 1.25Ghz
    512 MB DDR
    OS X Panter

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    I'd make him buy a P4 1.8A minimum unless you can still find a 1.6A. The 1.5 is based on the Williamette core which is not as good as the newer Northwood core. The rest of the parts are gonna depend on what he wants to spend. He could get a P4 1.8A and a DDR motherboard for under $250 at newegg.

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    The ABIT SA7 is a cheap buy.

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    1.6aor 1.8a CPU's i would recommend also, make sure its a Northwood (512 cache)
    googlegear and newegg got 1.8's at a fair price
    I couldn't begin to list my computer specs here..I work as a systems engineer for NASA just imagine the toys I get to play with.. :)

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