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    Good cases for water cooling

    I am in the planning stages of building a new water cooled rig. I am trying to determine what would be a good case for the job. I haven't really locked into any specific equipment yet but I don't think I want to have to gut the inside of a small case to get it to fit and I want to run 120mm fans.

    What are some of the more popular cases that you guys have had experience with? I wouldn't mind a sharp looking case but the main thing I am looking for is a case that I won't be frustrated with because of space/layout.

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    an Antec full-server case would be a good, easy-use, case with plenty of room. Although if you want something more extreme (in size) you could go here:

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    i like this one
    there is a 120mm fan mount in front but u will have to shorten the 3.5in rack to fit a rad, also it's cheep.
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    I'd recommend a full tower too. I have a mid-sized Coolermaster and I have to build an additional box to house all the parts... fun but not the most efficient way of housing a pc.

    Anyway, I like the Addtronics server case with its 120mm front intake. Ideal place for a rad... and not too many cases come with such big intakes.


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    any one suggest a mid tower sized case thats not too big/heavy? Im taking it to uni and am going to upgrade to watercooling soon.

    i want a plain but good case to mod thats not too expensive but am willing to spend if its a good case. im not a fan of those cheap plastic buttons and bays that are supposed to make it look good, theyre just cheap and nasty. 3, preferably 4 or more 5" bays would be nice too.

    also are alu cases lighter than steel ones? i quite like the look of those lian li cases

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    Thanx for all the replies guys. I will definatly check those cases out.

    Seal I have an an aluminum case right now (Lian-Li PC65B) and I almost laughed myself silly when I picked it up before adding all my gear to it. There is an amazing weight difference in a nice all aluminum case.

    1 negative to the reduced weight though is that I notice that the case body does not deaden vibration as much as a steel case does.

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    You can get a Chieftec Server case from Newegg(same as the Antec cases but don't have Antec PSU). Just make sure you get the aluminum version because the steel is very heavy.

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    Chieftecs/Antecs are the best for watercooling - you can put the heatercore in the front and the pump behind the HD cage.

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    Anyone every use a Lian-Li PC-76? It appears to be very roomy. If you removed the hard drive cages I would imagine you would have all the spaces you need. They provide 4 80mm fans to provide the hard drives so that gives a pretty good idea of the amount of room. Of course if I wanted to use 1 120mm fan I would probably have to mod the case a little to attach it.

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