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    could i stick something small like a 20 or 40watt pelt

    ...on my video card (R8500) and use a amd retail sink or a corb to cool it? I only want to keep it about room tmep or maybe 5C below..nothign that would cause condensation....a 30W pelt with amd retail sink should do the trick right?

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    I can't answer that question but I have some loose change somwhere.
    I don't know if 30w is enuff. Maybe 40w is needed.
    It is tricky to configure a pelt to get a solid temperature. What would be really frickin cool (and VERY easy to setup up.) Since the pelt is going to be air cooled you can get one of those nifty fans with a thermalsensor. PLace the sensor on the cold block and go buy a viarable resistor and adjust the speed of the fan until you are about ambient. NO i was wrong it sounds like a headache to do all that. but is can be done. It is a good ideal it just needs a little more time.


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    Check out this thread:

    Same idea.
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