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    Well, I just ordered my DangerDen Maze2 Block...

    ....I hope it performs better then the one that I have on here right now....ack. And not only that, it don't matter, I am going to convert the other block into a homemade chiller. This is what I want to accomplish with this:

    I want to be able to cool the CPU when it is in it overclocked state, however, I do not want to go below room temp, so I want to be able to adjust the flow through the chiller, as to not go below room temp (or below the dew point anyways) how powerful of a TEC would that require? Can someone tell me if this is a worthy idea? Gotta get that bird down in temps a wee bit, its running at 120F...after a few hours of Q3A, and everything, but i've seen people that have 1.6Ghz cpus running at just over 100F in the same type of conditions.
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    your 1.2 chip overclocked will use about 85 watts of heat, you would need 156 watt peltier which would put a grand total of 240+watts of heat to dissipate, a dangerden cube readiator dissipates 200 watts of heat, you would need to add a small single radiator which would dissipate 100watts also for a total dissipation of 300 watts if you wanted to do it right, anything else would make your temps warmer.

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    No no no, like an inline chiller. Ok, visualize this:

    Coolant flow from output of pump / reservoir, through a "T" valve, (X) percent of coolant would flow through block, and the other would just flow normal, and then the cold coolant would hit the warmer coolant, and have a "balancing effect", then after the cooler, it hits the DDMaze2 block, then to radaitor, (big ass heater core) to back to pump. See, I just want a balancing effect, just to knock the temps down some, but not to the freezing mark. Why? I haven't finished my super secret project to elimante the condensation worries forever.... ;D

    Note that, if the TEC isn't too large, I am going to use a hedgehog and delta fan combo to cool it.
    Iwill KA-266R \nWeek 10 AXIA 1.33Ghz at 1.63Ghz \n256Meg Mushkin PC2100@cas 2\n2 IBM 75GXP 30Gig HDD's - Mode 0

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