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    WinFox II problem?

    Hi there.

    Anybody who has a Leadtek 3D card will know about the WinFox II overclocking utility that comes with the card. Well I have a strange problem with mine I think.

    When I run 3DMark from a cold boot-up I get about 11,100 with my card O/C to 270/560 using the WinFox II utility program. But if I run it again with the exact same settings I get around 10,500. This is the type of score I would I get with my Leadtek card at default settings 250/513.

    Sometimes from a cold boot I will only get 10.500 and this is with the WinFox II utility on and my settings at 270/560 all exactly the same.

    Seems to me that the WinFox II utility does not actually overclock my card to the desired settings all the time.

    Anybody else got any ideas?

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    This is my third Leadtek card I have owned. Through trial and error I have learned that the Winfox Utilitie isn't such a good (stable) program.

    Instead I use Powerstrip.
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