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    Playstaion emulator?

    has anyone used one, i have a buttload of games, but a broken ps

    which one should i get?

    thanks, Digital

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    PS Emulators - I think that's sailing close to "being naughty with software" - I'd get a mods decision on this, but I think it's a no-no......
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    only one i could ever remember was ***** i think and i never heard of anyone having any problems. when my ps1 broke i just got a ps2 to solve my problems i don't think they sell it in stores anymore though. you may have to try ebay or something.

    edited out name of emulator just to be on the safe side. - nihili
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    I'm told that the decision on this was that PS emulation was too much of a gray area. I suggest you try to find a forum that forcus more directly on that sort of thing.

    I'm locking this thread, but leavintg it up mainly for information sake.

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