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    XP and SETI Problem

    Hello, I just loaded XP on my system & did update SetiSpy to current version. Now when I open SetiSpy to do some crunching I get an (mirosoft) error and it kills SetiSpy but SetiDriver stays open??? I choose exit & then restart and it works fine ???

    BTW I have no updates running on XP right now.
    Thx for the help, llubon

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    I don't use Spy anymore, but I do run SetiDriver on XP- both pre- and post- SP1. No problems with Driver.

    Question: I know that a new version of Spy just came out- which version are you using? Try the other version

    If that doesn't work you may want to try messing with Compatibility modes.
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    I asked that question not too long ago. If you look in the setispy pdf help file, there is an option (in the .ini file) to add a wait period when it starts up. This fixes that problem completely.

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    have Spy open when startup XP delay is the best way. or you could try to set the compatible (right click on short cut, propertise) to Win2k and disable the visual effect. this might help also.
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    I use Driver with XP & SP1 with no problems.

    Spy on the other hand is nothing but trouble with XP, but its fine on 2k.
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    well i have been haveing problems wiytht he new seti spy in windows 2000 too. it crashes on load up and other stuff. stats don't update. i just stopped using it for now.!
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