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    PEP, FOP, PAL, Thermoengine??????????

    I want to get the best for the tb1100 ill be getting soon-what is the best in yuou opinion-fop32, 38, pal6035, pep66, thermoengine??? THanks guys-also what is the best HSF i gan get for my slot till i get my mobo/socket 1100?
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    I donít think much of the ThermoEngine. I have a FOP32 and a PEP66. The FOP, properly lapped would be my choice.
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    The fop 32-1 is nice and quiet, the Alpha is a better heatsink, performance and noise levels depends on the fan you choose. Check out

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    I own an FOP-32 and it did a great job for my Duron 600 @ 1000, but that was the limit for it. I am currently doing some experiments with the ThermoEngine and I must say that I am very impressed with the design. There are two or three unique design factors in it that are testimony to the engineering forethought that went into it. Still, it like the other, is an HSF designed around the 60mm fan footprint. The FOP, WBK, 6035 and ThermoEngine all perform much better when adapted to an 80mm fan. Any of them is a good choice, when paired with the right fan.

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    I would go with wbk-38 i have it on my little celly 566 and i got 1020 out of it at 38 deg full load

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