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    Wheres the best place to buy pumps ?.....Beckett, Eheim, Rio...etc.....

    Im trying to find a good online store for various pumps. Any recommendations ???

  2. #2 has a nice selection and that is where I got a couple of eheim pumps.

    You can get becket pumps right at home depot.
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    I ordered a 200gph inline pump from I havent gotten it yet, should get it sometime this week. Can't wait!

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    I got my 500gph pump at ... They also sell some good reservoirs to put your pump in.


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    belive it or not maybe HERE. I ordered this but haven't picked it up from where I had it delivered. Got there real quick. I'll have it next weekend to play with but the indicators at seem good. In the ponds section.

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    I saw a beautifull "Black" pair at Payless.

    heh heh...

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