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    help! monitor problems

    Hello, I just bought a new monitor about 6 months ago. It's a samsung syncmaster 955df. Withint just the last few days it has started to shake horizontally. Just like one pixel left then one pixel right at least a dozen times a second. I checked samsung about their warranty policy, but you need your warranty card, which dumb me can't find for the life of me. Do you guys have any ideas on what could be causing this, or do you think I could bring it to a repair shop and they could fix it? Thanks

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    I would suggest first, finding the proper topic area

    General Hardware or Video and Sound would both be better matches.

    General Discussion is not intended for Technical questions..

    Degaussing MIGHT help, but I doubt it.

    A repair shop would be your best bet if you can't find the warranty card I think.
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    do you still have your recepit? That will probably work. Or if you paid by credit card get the statement. Or if you have nothing just tell Samsung that it didn't come with a warranty card and they should be able to exchange it by the manufacture date.

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    sry i didn't know what topic to put this in. And thanks i'll try to see if they can do it off the credit card statement or something along those lines. Thanks

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