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    760MPX overclocking

    im gonna get a dual amd board soon... i just need to know which one is overall the best, which one is the most stable, and which one overclocks the best....

    i would really prefer an answer very soon, as i might order it tomarrow..

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    Overall, the best one for overclocking is the MSI K7D Master. It has multiplier and FSB adjustment and voltage adjustment. It is extremely stable and just a great, great board. I have two of them and a Tyan Tiger MP. I had a Iwill MPX2, but it was junk. The best of the one's I have used is the MSI.

    I have two XP1600's from Newegg, AROIA stepping (unlocked and modified L5bridges) running along perfectly at 1800 MHz on this motherboard. This is at default voltage. They are good chips, of course, but the motherboard's performance has been exemplary. If I run the chips at default speed, I can set them to 1.45 volts on this motherboard. They run cool as a cucumber.

    I bought Samsung Registered ECC PC2700 memory for my K7D's as it would allow me plenty of headroom even at the fastest timings. It is great stuff. Can't recommend it enough. Got mine from Mark One Computers. Their shipping is very fast, but you'd never know it from their tracking system. It doesn't work at all.

    P.S. The MSI K7D also has mounting holes throught the motherboard, unlike the ASUS board, so you can mount big heatsinks or waterblocks.
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    Ya, I vote and have the MSI.

    1) Tyans have a "reputation" for stability.
    2) MSI wins at OC, I have not heard of any more instability problems on the MSI than the Tyan.

    In general, most dual boards are gonna be way more stable than the single proc boards.

    The above two are the most popular boards, there are other boards (asus, gigabyte) you just don't hear about them as much.

    Good luck
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    MSI has my vote also...they allow core changes which I don't think any other board can change multi and FSB...and change all the DDR timings...and is VERY stabel...I got my 2000+s to 150FSB x 11.5 --I burning it in at that so I can get it to 150x12

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