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    Help with .dbx files

    Hey Guys, does anyone know of a program I can use to open and view .dbx files, What I am doing is trying to save my wifes email folders which are in dbx format to a cd, and refer to them later, as I would like to reformat and fresh install on her machine, she has been saving a ton of business info in her deleted files and will need to refer back at another time,I told her that outlook is not the place to save them but it's too late she has loaded it up and cannot afford to lose this info.

    thanks guys

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    Doesn't Outlook Express use .dbx files?

    Just copy over her .dbx files into the new identity you create after you format.

    In Win2k/XP, the folder is usually c:\Documents and Settings\*username*\Local Settings\Application Data\Identities\(some long number)\Microsoft\Outlook Express

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