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    Short Term Upgrade

    OK heres the deal, I have a nice AMD system,

    Asus A7M266
    512 DDR 2100
    1.2GHz Super hot T-Bird
    Ax-7 cooler

    And I want to know how much cooler the 1600+ and if I will see any performance difference with this.

    I am tring to save as much money as possable so that after xmas I can construct either a barton system or a hammer system (depending on performanc to price ratio).

    So any ideas?

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    the XP will run a little bit cooler, but with 200more mhz. if you get a nice stepping from enwegg (everyone is) you could most likely hit 1.8ghz. you already seem to have nice cooling.

    good luck!

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    Overclocking via the multiplyer is kind of out of the question as the A7M266 had the dip switch removed to prevent the multiplyer from being altered. But I may increase hte FSB to see what will improve (also there are no dividers that can be changed on this).

    So I think 40 will be a good upgrade to wait for the hammer

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    hmmm well u should be able to take a good steping 1600+ to around 1.7ghz (162x10.5)on that board. i used to have that mobo and was able to get my fsb around there but it will depend also on how ur other components will take the out of spec buss speeds

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    what are hammer and barton?

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    The hammer is AMDs next generation CPU, 64bit one
    The Barton is the last in the socket A and the athlon project.

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