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    vhs ---> dvd, advice needed

    I am looking to convert my vhs tapes to dvd and am seeking advice on what to get for a video/vid capture card as well as software that will allow for editing/voice over/music/fade etc. I don't really have a budget in mind for this. If I go ahead with something like this, I'll be building a new box, cause I doubt my K6/2 350 will cut it (the wife has the xp1700+ and the kids have the duron 700). My vcr is pretty basic, stereo, rca in/out, no svideo.

    Any advice on hardware/software or how to's would be appreciated.


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    Software: The only software I've actually enjoyed using and worked with sucessfully is Dazzle MainActor.
    Virtual Dub has mis-aligned the sound on anything I've edited.

    Hardware: Leadtek Winfast TV2000XP Works like a charm and imports in "ready-to-burn" DVD quality

    I don't have any experience with DVD-RW drives so somebody else will have to recommend one...
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    the Pioneer DVDR-A04 is a pretty good DVD-RW drive

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    i came across this article which should be able to directly answer your question check it out

    The title of the article is
    "Reader How Tos: A System To Convert VHS and 8 mm Tape To DVD"

    hope that helps out

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