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    New info bout the new P4

    Seen this today and thought you Intel fans would like it.
    Intel Announces new Chipsets and more rumors of 3.06GHZ

    Posted by: busaganashi on Tuesday, October 8th, 2002

    The Inquirer has some news about the pending release of the 3.06GHZ P4. Supposedly scheduled for November 14, 2002. On the chipset front there are several new chipsets out today. Among them are the enhanced Intel 850E, which boasts PC1066 support, and the new Intel 845GE, 845PE and 845GV.

    One wonders if the "enhanced" 850E will actually work with 1066 32bit Rdram.

    You can read this story and a whole bunch more at The Inquirer
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    Interesting article on the P4

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