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    mandrqake 9.0 and internet connection

    did a serch and did not find anything on this. M problem I had mandrake 8.2 and it connected to the internet though my router just fine. I install 9.0 and it will not connect I get packets sent and recieved and nothing has changed from one operating sys ro another hardware wise. I just cant get it to connect
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    hmm. wide open problem, and I don't know how linux familiar you are, I'm only OK, but here goes some beginner suggestions ....

    1) Is your ethernet card up? mandrake control center, / network, look in there.

    2) Can you ping yourself? Are you getting an IP by way of DHCP form the router?

    3) Can you ping outside, but just not browse? Try ping, if not work, try ping (its yahoo too).

    These are just trying to narrow down where you are having problems, for example, if ping works, but ping does NOT work, then its a DNS issue, and we can work from there. If you're not getting an IP address, then its a DHCP issue, and we can work from there.

    I mean, there could be a bunch of different possibilities. Maybe the new install, you selected server install and it setup a DHCPD server on your linux box, that then conflicts with the DHCPD server on the router .....

    4) type
    #service -s

    and see if you see dhcpd running.

    Any other info you can give would be helpful.

    Good luck!
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