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    I'm ready to start oc'ing. Please help

    I have a decent system:

    AMD XP 1700+
    IWill XP333 rev2.1 mobo
    512 mb OCZ PC3000 memory
    Maxtor 40gb ultra ata 133 7200 rpm
    nVidia GF4 4200 64mb
    330watt TruPower power supply
    Volcano 6 fan for the CPU (never seems to go over 2900 rpm though when it is rated for much faster, even when the cpu is hitting almost 60c. This concerns me a bit)

    My 3dmark scores run right around 8400. I get the feeling I should be getting more, but oh well, so be it.

    So now I'm getting ready to to give overclocking a shot.

    I guess what I'm looking at is the memory aspect of it all. I really don't want to overclock my CPU just yet. I want to increase the FSB of the mobo and ability of the memory first. I get the feeling there is good potential there.

    I am pretty darn new to overclocking, so please speak in the most basic terms you can if possible. I am not a computer idiot, but I am an overclocking idiot so to speak)

    Thanks to all who feel the desire to help.

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    how about a guide. nothing could be said better than if you read it and ask about things you would still wonder about.
    this is an up to date guide to overclocking AMD XPs so it should help you a lot.

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    Thanks for the link. I read the first couple of pages and I think it will be a great help. I'm on my way.

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    If you only want to overclock your memory and not the cpu itself you are going to need to unlock the multiplier on your cpu and lower it down to compensate for the higher fsb. IMHO if you get to that point you probably just want to oc the processor as well.

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