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    Read the new SAMSUNG RDRAM label & get Info of 16 bit 1066 rdram available

    Here is definitive info on how to read the Samsung rdram label:

    Check this out before purchasing any Samsung rdram, as the new 16 bit 184 pin Samsung rdram 1066 for the GA-8IHXP is beginning to appear.

    Samsung part # info on the real NEW 16 bit rdram 1066:

    Intel Validation of Samsung RDRAM:

    A reliable vendor will include the Samsung product number, in describing their offering.

    For example, Mushkin now has 512MB Samsung rdram 1066, which is the real new Samsung, available on their site, in addition to genuine Samsung 256MB 1066 modules.

    From Samsung: "There are some modules sold as PC1066 in the market which is not originally tested and screened at Samsung and we cannot warranty the quality and specification of the product. When you buy the Samsung PC1066 product you are recommended to check the module number on the label circled in red."
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