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    Location and calibration of motherboard temperature sensors...

    I have just bought a Senfu digital thermometer for the purpose of calculating the compensation values for cpu and system temperature monitoring with MBM 5.06. I am having great difficulty with the system temp calibration, because I cannot work out exactly what the "system" temp is actually measuring, or the location of the sensor on the motherboard on which to place the digital thermometer probe.
    Can anyone offer any advice or suggestions? What do the temperature sensors on motherboards look like? My motherboard is an Abit SA6R.

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    We had this same discussion over a KT7A-RAID board. Someone came up with the great suggestion to use a can of liquid freeze of cold air and shoot individual chips until all the temp sensors were located.

    This had some surprising results and worked great!

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    Okay, so where is the mystery 3rd thermistor on the KT7A?

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    Found this link on calibrating MBM5.0 and MBprobe;
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    Hoot (May 27, 2001 11:04 p.m.):
    Okay, so where is the mystery 3rd thermistor on the KT7A?

    My thoughts exactly, iv been wondering that for almost 6 months now.

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