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    Talking Widen holes on bong showerhead to lower temps.

    just thought I'd show this, I drilled open the holes on my showerhead about double their original size while I was doing my monthly clean-up. My full load temps are now a full 4 C lower.

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    yup, more water flow = good

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    I just have the tube spraying the inside of my tower so it falls down on the sides of the pipe. I don't think my pump is strong enough to make individual streams from the shower head I was using...
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    That works great as long as you have the flow to back it up.
    If you're running a weaker pump and a showerhead with a buttload of holes, then you might have to block some holes.
    The smaller the drops, the better the cooling.

    Great to hear you dropped 4C though, that leaves room for more OCing.

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