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    Danger Den Maze 3

    Hey guys I just got a Maze three in and ordered the wrong one without the coldplate......for a 226watt peltier can someone put up a url for me for a coldplate that mounts to this waterblock...I dont see a separate part number listed in danger dens site. Im using the four hole mounting system. Thanks

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    I think your best bet is to just email DD and tell them that you want to buy the coldplate.

    Don't bother buying the screws. The ones they include with the Maze3-1 are cheap crap. All you need to hold the coldplate on is four 3/4" 6-32 socket head cap screws. Any large hardware store will have them.

    I've had spotty results getting email responses out of them. One they answered very quickly and thoroughly. One I never got a reply to.

    Good luck.

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    what may happen is if you didnt order it right they may have not drilled the holes for the coldplate and you will have to do it youself which is a spoty idea.
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    Good point ssjwizard.

    It gets even worse though. If the holes aren't there, you will have to either drill holes in the waterblock and then tap a 6-32 thread through the holes, or drill through the the WB and lid and use long screws and nuts to hold the coldplate on.

    If the holes aren't there try to do an exchange.

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    I forget.
    It appears to me that you just need to get longer screws to attach the cold plate.
    the picture
    Here of the Maze3-1 looks like the screws holding the top on are longer, and the coldplate is held on by them.

    *edit* No, I was wrong. Looking at the pic more closely, I can tell that it is held on by different screws.

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