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Thread: action games

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    action games

    can i know any good action games is good others than cs.give me the name.tq

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    No one lives forever 1,2
    Max Payne
    Unreal Tournament 2003
    I don't play action games, I am quakephobia
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    Day of Defeat (Free half life mod)
    Jedi Knight 2
    Solder of Fornton 2
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    Gobal ops looks like a pretty good CS type game, never played it though.

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    Quake 3
    Unreal Tornament
    Battlefield 1942
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    If you haven't tried Max Payne, that is the game you should look into IMHO. They don't come any cooler, better or prettier than that :-)


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    nobody said Hitman 2?
    well... Hitman 2

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    Ghost Recon (slightly slow and tactical but can be fun)

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    Red Faction is pretty good
    So is Oni.
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    i swear they could make that game into a movie
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