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    How do you up gaphics fo Balurs Gate#1?

    thought I would try the old BG (5 cd first game)for old times sake. I go to gaphic option and you only choices are to chose 16,24 and 32 bit color and thats it. The game looks like its set at 800x600 how do you get the resolutions up on this game?

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    Glad your playing one of the best RPGs of its time, even now its still loads of fun. The graphics are actually set to 640X480, and to raise the resolution you would need to edit the bgate.ini file. ( not sure on the exact name, but some .ini file has all the in game settings) Make sure you backup the origianal one, and then set the graphics to 800X600 in some string by simply replacing the 640X480 text. Thats the max resolution you can set it to. And at 800X600 everything is so small.

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