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    Question HP MotherBoard?????????

    I work at RadioShack and I'm working on this computer and the motherboard seems to be bad. Can anyone tell me what kinda motherboard a HP Pavilion XT 933. It a AMD board that has onboard video, sound and lan. I called HP and all they could me tell me is nothing they suck. And so does this computer. Please could someone help me!!!!!


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    hey, radio shack ripped me off! i used to like radio shack till they ripped me. also i never heard of radio shack fixing a computer. if u want to find out about the motherboard go to and type in the model number of the computer. i shouldnt even be telling u this cause i dont like radio shack. get a job at best buy or walmarts lol.

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    also i wanted to include hp sucks to {i have a hp} and there tech support is awful but it isnt as bad as radio also u can try they may be able to help to. they helped me

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