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    Need Assistance with Diagnosis


    My Rig-->

    2.26 CPU (STOCK HSF)
    PC2100 Crucial 512MB


    Running @ 145FSB, stable.

    The Problem:

    The moment I try for 150FSB: System POSTS, Win2K Pro begins to load, but hangs during the Win2K logo screen, every single time. Temps are fine (CPU around 40 idle, MB around 35 @ 145FSB).

    Is it bad hardware? Maybe reached a components capacity limit? Do I need to increase the voltage on either the CPU/RAM? I really don't know where to look

    Need any help/advice I can get. Where should I start? I'd like to see if I can hit 150FSB with my current hardware before considering further upgrades. Thanks for your time!

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    I would test your 145FSB in Prime95 if you havent yet - is it stable>?
    I would suspect the PC2100 Crucial cant handle much more than 290mhz DDR. If you are at stock voltages then hell yeh, bump them up a bit, I've had my PC2100 Micron running at 2.9v and DDR300 for a while. You should go to at least 1.7v on the CPU for a good overclock. Let us know how you do...

    Main rig - E5-2697v2 12-Core, P9X79-PRO, 16GB Hyper-X 1866, Custom H20 on CPU, Dual Gigabyte 7990s, Intel S3700 SSD 800GB x2, 2TB WD HDD

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    Your motherboard manual is a great resourse for finding the voltage adjustments. Yes bump them up a bit. One should always study the MB manual. If you don't have it, most can be downloaded know after I think about it I bet it can be downloaded even if you do have it.

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    I'll have to agree that it's likely a memory issue, as most 2.26 CPUs don't require much more vcore to hit 150fsb. I'd suggest setting the mem timings manually to 2.5-6-3-3, set vmem to 2.7v and vcore to 1.6, then you should hit 150fsb!

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    My last stick of PC2100 Crucial would do ddr333 at 2.5-6-3-3 with 2.6v and would do ddr300 at 2-5-2-2 at stock volts. But not all sticks are the same so it could be the mem.
    I'm not familiar with your m/b but try setting the fsb/mem ratio so that your mem is running below the fsb and then try 150fsb if it works then your mem was the problem. If this is the case try increasing the mem voltage upto 2.6/2.7 and try 150 with the fsb/mem ratio at 1:1.
    I feel that it most likley that your cpu just needs a little more voltage, increase it a bit and try 150fsb with 1:1 ratio.

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    your ram is your bottleneck.

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    Another possibility:

    Larva is using a SiS board, and I thought he said its not a good board for getting over 150FSB. I'll look for the post, but you might want to shoot him a PM.


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