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    Understanding Voltages

    Hello everybody,
    I am learing slowly about overclocking. I have just mastered understanding you take your chip's Ratio and mutiply by the FSB.
    So to test I took my Athlon XP 2000+ with a Ratio of 12.5 times my FSB 133 to get factory 1.667. I know for most this is simple. So hang with me a second. So I took my 12.5 and a speed of 140 and got my mini overclock of 1.75Ghz(again simple but I am learining still)
    My question is what effect will raising my voltage up have on the system? Does it make it more stable? According to AMD my Operating voltage is 1.50 to 1.65 with a "nominal voltage" of 1.75.

    What effect does changing the voltages have with the cpu and system?

    Secondly my BIOS gives the option of changing the Ratio from 12.5, 13, 14. If I change this will that cause any effet to my system or should I just leave the Ratio at 12.5 because the chip is 12.5.

    Note that I have no clue or desire about unlocking the CPU. That is way to advanced for me at this time.
    Thanks for all yoru help!

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    Changing the voltage makes the system more stable, when O/C.

    BIOS, yes, it gives the option to change, but if your CPU is not unlocked, it doesn't matter. You can cange the # but it will not do anything.

    FSB overclocking seems to be the easiest.
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    Raise your Vcore will make higher clock speed more stable(hopefully), it also give you much more heat, so good cooling is essential for a sucessful overclock. Excessive V-core can fry a CPU. If you change the multiplier on a locked CPU, your motherboard will notice this and change to default values automatically
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    u wont be able to change the ratio to anything but 12.5 unless you unlock.. so dont try unless u like clearing your cmos every 3 secs
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    As you're new, stick to FSB overclocking. I ruined my AXP 1700+ trying to unlock it!

    When you increase the FSB and see your PC going BSOD or freezing, try increasing the voltage too. To test your stability download the Prime95 programme. Otherwise just run 3DMark2001SE & SiSoft Sandra benchmarks. Play a game or two, to test stability! And also keep an eye on the core temperature. Make sure it doesn't go over 70C. Some people would say 60C, depends on your room temperature actually.

    You could also add some case fans. There are probably some spots for adding fans in your case, usually at the back just underneath the PSU and some at the front, beneath or in front of your internal 3.5" bays!
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