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    SETI on BBCWorld

    SETI got a little free advertising on BBCWorld's show "Click Online " . A viewer emailed to ask about his system's performance . The presenter of that part of the show began to explain about backround programs and when he showed the system tray , there was the SETI icon which the mouse hovered over for a few secs .

    I know it was only a few seconds , but it's cool to see what the staff there have on their rigs Also, it is a little bit ( very little ) of free exposure .
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    It is nice to see that, but its really only free exposure if someone who did not know about now does. We see SETI driver and things like that running, and we think oh cool, cause we know what it is. Do you think the average Joe does?
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    I think its really funny just how far DC projects have gone. Seeing it on the system during a tech tv show...LOL, thats rich!


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