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    Haha frys electronics

    this story takes place just a couple of hours ago at a Fry Electronics.

    Walking around frys and i come to the CPU/Memory section. Start looking at prices and what not. See the AMD 2400+ for about $200. Look at the sticker next to it, 2600+ for $352....wait a second 2600 that isnt supposed to be out yet or released to any of us anytime soon. so i ask the guy, "hey have any of the AMD 2600+ in stock?" the guy, checks the computer, "uhh i am sorry sir but that is out of stock right now, we just sold out of them and the 2400+, all we have is the 2000" Then i said "oh it's ok i didn't expect you to have them"

    so unless frys has the inside track on the 2600, i dont think they are here just yet.

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    just sold out of them, huh? Riiiiighhhhhht.

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