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Thread: Got my amd :)

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    Got my amd :)

    I got 3 xp 1600+ steppings AGOIA 0204 and was wondering if anyone has this and how high they get?

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    That looks like the stepping that everyone has been receving lately. Should be able to hit 1743mhz.
    Do a search, there are a boatload of posts about that stepping.
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    damn 0204 thats a old chip

    where you buy it from?
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    gameve It said 0226 I ordered 3 of them monday and received them today, argh I might just keep these because I hate rma waiting etc etc blah blah blah

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    Why don't you send two back, keep one, wait til they get back, and send the other one? Unless you don't want to pay for shipping twice.
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