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    Wanted: Creative Live Drive Drivers!!

    Wanted: Creative Live Drive Drivers!!

    I never go the CD from the guy I bought both my SB Live!
    Platinum with the Live Drive.

    I'd really like to use the Remote control, but Soundblaster
    doesn't seem to have the drivers available, only the UPGRADE.

    Could someone hook me up with these drivers? Or point me
    to a page that has them? I've been scouring the net all week,
    and can only find general driver packs, minus the Remote!!

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    san jose

    Talking I DID IT!!!!

    that answer lies HERE!!! this works becuase i have been looking for a fix for my live platinum w/ live drive... and now its works w00t!!!!

    for those who cant read the page...

    Known issues in the Windows XP/2000 (released July 17, 2002)

    Older Sound Blaster Live! Experience demo applications may not work properly when updated with the Live! DriverPack.
    Creative Launcher is no longer installed at Startup. Users must use the program start menu to launch Sound Blaster Live! Applications.
    Disapparing Live! Drive, Live! Drive IR, and Optical Digital I/O Boards. Creative Labs Harvey Fong made the following post in the forum about this issue
    For instances where the Live! DriverPack has resulted in the Live!
    Drive, Live! Drive IR, or Optical Digital I/O card not being recognized
    after the software installation, our Technical Support department
    recommends performing one or more of the following procedures for
    recovery (but one at a time, don't do all six at once.)

    -Change the speaker configurations in the Creative Surround Mixer,
    toggle the option for "Digital Out Only".

    -Reinstall the updated drivers over themselves.

    -Power down the system, disconnect the Live! Drive or Digital I/O, then
    boot into Windows. Power down again, and reattach the Live! Drive.
    Restart windows.

    -RUN CTZAPXX to uninstall the new drivers update, then reinstall the
    original drivers. Ensure that the Live! Drive is functional. Power
    down and detach the Live! Drive or Digital I/O. Restart the computer
    into Windows and reinstall the update. After the system has restarted
    with the new drivers, power down and reconnect the Live! Drive or
    Digital I/O.

    -Move the Sound Blaster Live! to another PCI slot.

    -Reinstall the updated Remote Center, available as a separate download.

    ====by the way the one that worked for me was taking live drive off.. i realized i had the cord backwards make sure the black dot is closest to the sound card and then i installed the new livedrvpack1.exe at creative labs site... while still upplugged from the sound card install update with everything... restart while still plugged in... then turn off plug back in with BLACK DOT TWARDS THE CARD... and then should be installed w00t!!!

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