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Thread: FSB or mult

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    FSB or mult

    Im new to amd and never dealt with unlocked chips. What would be more reliable for a better o/c upping the fsb or multiplier, which generates more heat blah blah blah just questions on whether to up the fsb or multiplier

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    Everything I have read, and everything I have tested says the UP the FSB and DOWN the clock multiplier. The CPU is already fast almost no matter how low you go, for instance, I am running 160FSB and 9x mulitiplier. This only puts the chip about 40Mhz overclocked (kind of). But this puts the WHOLE output of the system (RAM, HDD, VIDEO) faster. I think you should just try every combo you can and see what happens. But I notice FSB does more then inreasing the Multiplier.
    That's just me though, don't flame me to death if any one disagrees

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    Yeah a higher FSB gives you better performance since it will essentially overclock everything, as skahtul said. however running all of your components out of spec will increase the chance for something to go wrong, meaning your CPU may be stable at 155 FSB but your video card may not be able to run on such a high AGP bus.

    First try to determine the limit of your CPU by upping the FSB on the default multiplier then try different combinations that will give you roughly the same speed (ie 150x11.5=1725, 157x11=1727) and see how high you can keep the FSB while keeping your system stable.
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