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    turning evolution

    Turn the power evolution..

    I mean it.. look at the average Palomino or Thoroughbred system... a stove or a mega-screen tv uses less pwoer than they do.

    Lets see those 100 W PSU's back on the market, and lets see the chip producers, harddrives gobblers and GPU mongrels do their work better... less power consumption automatically means lower temperatures...

    Can't be right that we're turning puters into radiators...

    Sulky... tman

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    well, power is cheap so why the **** not use it? if the economic conditions were otherwise, people might care.

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    umm, turn down the power consumption and spend a few extra thousand dollars on computers, stop complaining and go use a 486 yourself.


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    wtf is "turn the power evolution" supposed to mean? it makes absolutely no sense.

    And cpus dont use 100watt unless you're doing something you weren't meant to do to them. The average wattage of a current cpu is around 50-70watt. That's not much more than a weak lightbulb found almost anywhere in the house.. Also if you look at just about any monitor, even small 15" ones use 180watts/sec. wattage == current * voltage. If you want to be power conscious get computers that are aimed at providing that function and start in places where it really matters the refridgerator and your house's heating/cooling system and such. The computer is the least of your worries with power consumption. Your car for instance is hardly using an efficient means for doing it's job...

    I'm the first one to talk about power usage when talking about cooling your cpu and all that..The thing is this thread's purpose is to argue about the median of the exponential curve and I argue about the insane top part.

    Oh, and anything using resistors/caps to do their voltage regulation is a radiator. Your tv is a radiator. They are all radiators even you are a radiator. Luckily most of those things which is supposed to serve a purpose serve that purpose well enough. If all your computer does is radiate heat and not do anything else then perhaps you should send it to someone who knows how to use one. like me.

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