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    guys i removed the fan from the heat sink to clean the fan from all the dust that had accumulated on it anyway, i go to put it back on and now for some stupid reason it makes noise! what the hell did i do wrong putting it back on? i mean it looks pretty straight forward there are holes for the fan to be screwed into the heat sink and so whatever ducts are their in the heat sink i just slide the screw into the holes of the fan and tighten so did i do something wrong installing it? or what help!!!!!!

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    what kind of noise?

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    did you spray anything on it?

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    Make sure the fins aren't hitting the wire.
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    I hope it isn't placed upside down.
    And... my pal used compressed air and blew over, under, through the fan... it got clean alright, but he had a little too fun blowing air through it and "over revved" it and the bearing got shot.

    Just a tip. /Paxmax

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