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Thread: ti 4600's

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    ti 4600's

    ok guys, i fried my gainward ti4400 goldensample and now am in the market for a ti 4600... should i stick with gainward? i've read that msi overclocks well, and the chaintech featured in maximum pc looks sweet, and retaisl for less than the gainward, any commments and/or suggestions???

    oh ya, it HAS to have vivo... some cards on newegg don't list that as a feature so i'm not sure that all gf4's come with it...
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    If you can grab a visiontek, like I did, for cheap, then I'd certainly recommend that. They are going out of business, so they can be had cheap despite being one of the best GF4 cards made. Chances are through average use and responsible overclocking you won't have to worry about a warranty before you resell it once the GF5 cards are more reasonable priced (like late spring 2003).
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