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Thread: 2800 stepping

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    2800 stepping

    In case anyone was wondering, the newegg version of the 2800 is:


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    I would just go for the 2700 or 2600(333) or if you are very lucky a 2400 with the AIUGB stepping. The price premium for the 2800 is just to darn high.

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    well if he knows the stepping he is implying he bought the chip allready so post your results w/ it!

    show some stock benchies and then oc the mofo like theres no tomorrow!
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    What's a little extra money when you are addicted to the art of overclocking

    Anyway, the 2700 I had was stable only to around 2360 or so on air (slk-800) and without trying anything higher yet, the 2800 is stable right out of the box at 2,470 on air at 1.9v. temp reporting on 8k9a2+ is 35.5 degrees. So not bad for a start. This thing should really fly with some better cooling.

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    Maybe its "a little extra money" when you are able to buy an XP2700+ and a little later an XP2800+ but not everyone is in the same boat as you financially!
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