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    Folding + SMP + Linux

    I started F@H up on my 2x366@550(or 600Mhz depending...) Celery pc running Mandrake 9.0.

    The folding process showed 99% CPU utilization, but GKrellm only showed 49-50% utilization for each CPU.

    I just copied the Folding directory to Folding2, changed the machine ID to 2, deleted the work folder & forced it to download a new WU. 100% Util on each CPU (doh! - forgot to change the prefference to FAH so it downloaded Genome WUs for both). Now I just have to figure out how to set the two F@H clients to run at startup.

    Was this the correct solution for the setup? I tried to search, but came up with ZERO results - doesn't help that "SMP" is 3 letters & non searchable
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    1 client per CPU, kept in a seperate directory, is the correct way.

    You could use crontab -e to schedule the clients to stop and then start one minute later, say every 12 hours or so. Or I think you could edit rc.local

    Problem with running at start-up is a bad work unit can cause a lock-up. Some distros (gentoo anyway )won't let you pre-empt the boot process and choose run level 1 or fail-safe mode.

    There's a perl script you could try out. The linux client doesn't idle properly.... check top sometime and you'll see the lowest it ever goes is 6% cpu useage.... or try running openoffice while folding... anyway, search for "perl fold" that should pull it up. My boss wrote it so he could fold at work without slowing down any of the servers.

    Here's the link:
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