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    choosing from a limited selection of HSF combos

    hello, from where i live, comp retailers around town only stock dual fan orbs, thermoengines and taisol cgk's. i know jack bout HSF's since ive never OC'ed, i tried reading reviews for these HSF but they are very different in opinion. so i was just wondering, which one ? thanx

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    I personally only have experience with a regular golden orb, which is not adequate for overclocking...never heard of the dual fan Orb. I have heard good things about the thermoengine though.

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    The very first chip I got on my 1G AXIA Tbird was from a ThermoEngine. Other than that, they are a reasonable HSF with the right fan (not the stock one). I like the clip concept behind the Taisol HSFs because it uses all three lugs on each side of the zif socket. The CGK-760092, with the copper heat spreader on the baseplate, looks like a good HSF when paired up with a better fan (not the stock one). If I had to choose between them, I would go with the Taisol CGK-760092, (not the CGK-740092).

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