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    Crazy Tbred 1700+ (=> 2800+)

    This is a post from Korea.

    In Korea, there are only 5 kinds of Tbred A 1700+.
    They are AIUGA 0238 / 0239 / 0240 / 0241 / 0242
    However only two (0240/0242) weekcodes are verified it's overcloking ability, so 3 weekcodes' ability are still unknown.

    0240 and 0242 's max results are only 2G even with water cooling. And everbody dissapointed to Tbred A. In this air, a Shoking result is posted with unknown weekcode.

    1700+ ==> 2.26G (13.5*166) only with 1.85V and Alpha 8045U.
    Can you believe this? This is not a fake. He can still go up, I guess.

    All the guys in my overclock community are waiting to be shown the weekcode of this monster.
    I'll let you know as soon as I get that info.

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    very impressive. i have a aiuga 0242 1800+ and i am not surprised if i would get that high with my water.

    you cant buy the aiuga 1700+ in the us yet
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    Hm... I didn't know about that. In Korea even these 1700+ are started to be sold a week ago.
    However, I guess that 1800+ with the same weekcode of this monster is still valuable for you.

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    There's a guy on Anandtech that claims to have a 0245 AIUGA 1700+. Says he can do 2ghz at 1.7v's.

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    2 ghz at 1,7v? Damn, mine goes "only" at 1870 Mhz with 1,7v! ARe these CPUs some sort of underclocked 2200+? I think i'm right...

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    It just keeps getting better.

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    I can believe it because I have a week 31 xp1900 mobile chip that does 2.2(12.5x176 @1.85 volts). Stepping is LUIGA and I have had since week 32 and maxes out at 2.3 gigs with volt.

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