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    Asus A7N8X socket clearance

    Need to order a motherboard for my computer by Monday afternoon. I was planning on getting the Epox 8rda+ but if it's not in stock by then I'll have to go for the Asus board. Anyone know if a Ax-7 has enough clearance around the socket on the A7n8x? Also I have 1 stick of 512 mb corsair xms pc3200. Is it required that you have 2 same size memory modules to use duall-ddr? Because I'm planning on getting a 256 of the same. Thanks.

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    You don't have to use the same size memory but it's recommended

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    I was wondering about the clearance around the socket as well. It looks much too tight for larger HSF combos, like the AX7 and the PAL 8045.

    Somebody aught to know about this.
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    Found out that the AX-7 does fit barely and the Alpha Pal 8045 does also. Couldn't find an answer to what would happen with 512 + 256 mb ram. Heard some rumors that it would only be seen as 512 by the motherboard but haven't seen any proof. Really wish someone would clear this one up though.

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