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    What Should I Do!!!!!

    I am getting really impatient already and I have not even got my case here yet.

    For those that did not read my previous post about the new system I am going to build, I have a topless prometia that will be delivered next week. I should also be getting in my top case and my antec true power 550 next week also.

    Here is my delima. With all of these 1.8 c1 Dell chips that people are getting that are doing over 3 GHz on air and stock voltage, I am getting ansy. I am tempted to order a Dell to get a CPU. I would either throw my old 1.8 in it and use it as a web browser, or piece it out. Might just try to sell it with the old 1.8 in it. I have also thought about picking up a 2.4 c1.

    Now if I use some self discipline, I stop and realize that I want to wait for the Gigabyte GA-8INXP board to come out. I have heard that middle of Dec will be the soonest on this. Also, I plan on doing some extensive mod work on my case. That will take alot of time to finish the way I want it. There are also a few other components that I want to get for the system, sound card and video card. I plan on volt modding the video card, and funds permitting, set up a water cooled set up for it. This will of course add more money and time to complete.

    So the question I ask all of you. Should I try to pick up a c1 chip now and pre-test it in my IT7 board on air cooling, to see what type of OC I can expect with it when I am finished with the case. Or, should I get the case complete, mods and all. Wait for the motherboard to be available, and pick up the CPU last. A benefit of going this route would be a slim chance that the 2.26 c1 will be available by then. I am not necisarily wanting to reach the highest speed ever, but am more concerned about hitting the highest fsb that I can to get better memory scores. This is why I want to get either a 18 or a 17 multiplier.

    Times like this, I wish I was not soo impulsive.....



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    Well if you're going to spend the money anyway..and the c1 will work in the IT7, I would get the chip when I see the right price, and "play" with it till the rest of the parts come in.
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